Playing Rules and Format
This competition is for all players 21 and Under on day of play

1 This competition is FREE to enter. All players wishing to play in the team event are to register on the Friday (you don’t have to form a team).
2 A team to comprise of eleven players (subject to entry’s) made up of seven under 18s, two male and two female players 21 and under, with up to four reserves. Players will be allocated a team (blind draw) and a team manager on the day of play.
3 Players must be under the required age on the day of play.
4 The team can be selected from the 15 players at the beginning of each match. Players must stay with the team to which they have been registered
5 All players to be in the venue by 10.00am on day of play.
6 A draw for opponents will be done on the day of play.
7 A toss of a coin or draw a coloured ball will determine who has the throw in the “odd” numbered legs. The team losing the toss shall throw first in the “even” numbered legs
8 Each game to be one leg 501 up, straight start, finish on a double
9 The two female players will play the opposing female players. If a team wishes to play any additional females they may do so.
10 Teams will play in a round robin system.
11 In the event of a dispute on the day of play, the organising committee’s decision will be final
All players entering the Team Competition must be resident on site and have booked their accommodation through NYDO
If you require any further information please contact us